Private Wedding Pictures

Our Rings

The Bride getting ready

Father Leo Boone presides

Micheline Ouellette-Rogers reads the intercessions


The Service


Bridal Party
Jean Raats (M of Honour), Ellen, Bruce, Ken Hollebone (Best Man), Eric Hollebone
Emily Raats, Adriana Raats                                   Alex Hollebone, Malcolm Hollebone
Meghan Hollebone, Gillian Hollebone                                                                                    

Ken and Eric

Monkeysuit (definitely NOT Fred)

National Arts Centre

Sappers' Bridge, along the Rideau Canal

Cutting a waltz step...

...with a little help

Party Guests: Wisewoman Sonia, Dread Pirate Kenzie, Wolvermatt, and the Fabulous Doreen

Bernie "Pedro" MacIsaac holds forth

Bryan "Miguel" Hollebone rebuts

Enrique (or was it Raoul?) watches on as best man Raoul (or was it Enrique?) roasts the bride and groom

Meghan and Gillian exhort all assembled to "giggle for the bride and groom!"

"Cutting the cake"

And then we went on honeymoon...